Using Tracking Data for Marine Conservation (BirdLife)

The 6th International Bio-logging Symposium aims to attract a wide range of researchers who use animal-attached electronic devices to study aquatic, terrestrial and aerial species, and their habitats. The term 'bio-logging' is interpreted broadly, encompassing not only logger-based technologies but also cutting-edge telemetry applications, as well as innovative systems using passive tags. Similarly, the scientific scope of BLS6 is broad, encompassing themes that are defined by the following four biological topics:

- Ecology and Environment
- Behavior and Behavioural Ecology
- Physiology and Medicine
- Around Bio-Logging

BirdLife, CLS and AFB had the chance to promote the EO4wildlife platform to end users

Monday, September 25, 2017
Lake Constance, Germany (25-29 September 2017)